SpaceX Dragon engine & description of Vimana motor

Translated from the Sanskrit By R. Cedric Leonard
"The manufacturing of a conquering yantra is greatly to be desired . . . using light-weight wood to build a great air-going machine of a strong-bodied type. In the central container is the liquid consumed by the engine, which gradually burns away during complete combustion."
SpaceX Dragon Vimana

 Description of Vimana: "An extremely swift and nimble Vimana can be built, as large as the temple of the God-in-motion. Into the interior structure four strong mercury containers must be installed. When these have been heated by a controlled fire from iron containers, the flying machine develops thunder-power through the mercury, becoming a highly desirable yantra. Moreover, if this iron engine with properly welded joints be filled with fluid, when ascending or descending over land it generates power with the roar of a lion."