S-97 Landing gear

s-97 landing gear

How to Combat against Drones?

Rheinmetall MLG 27 Naval Multirole Gun
how to fight drones

Couple disasters within a 24 hours. Couple #130 disasters 21 jun 2017. Couple #130 disasters 10-11 jul 2017. Couple #60 disasters 26 aug 2017.

21 jun 2017 Yak-130 crashed one in Borisoglebsk
another - Yak-130 crashed in Armavir

10 Jul 2017 KC-130 crash in Leflore County, Mississippi.
11 Jul 2017 Yak-130 training aircraft crashed in Bangladesh

26 aug  2017  UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter crash off Yemen
26 aug  2017  UH-60 Black Hawk Japanese helicopter lost contact around the coast of Aomori Prefecture

7 sept 2017 a-10 Thunderbolt II crash near Nellis-afb Nevada
another -   a-10 Thunderbolt  II in same place  

F-35 GUN

f-35 gun test